getting a bachelor's degree online

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The fastest way to get a bachelor’s degree is to:

  • Enroll in accelerated online courses (6-week or 8-week online classes)
  • Get credit for your experience (some colleges offer up to 1 year of college credit!)
  • Test out of college courses

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What colleges offer a bachelors degree?

25 rows · To begin earning a bachelor’s degree online, students must complete an online application ...

What is the cheapest online degree?

18 rows · Among the 170 ranked public colleges that reported this information to U.S. News, the average ...

What are the Best Colleges Online?

Mar 22, 2022 · Online Bachelor's Degree Programs. Online learning makes earning a degree easier. Public and private colleges offer online bachelor's degrees in various fields, including business and education. Learners complete general education coursework and specialized courses in their major. Elective credits allow students to customize their program.

What are the best online college programs?

25 rows · Nov 24, 2021 · There are two ways to get a bachelor's degree in just two years online: attending a school ...


What is the easiest bachelor's degree to get online?

Business Administration. Not only is business administration one of the easiest bachelor's degrees to receive online, but also it is one of the most popular. Much like a liberal arts degree, a business degree opens up a wide variety of possible job options.

How fast can I get a bachelor degree online?

An accelerated, online bachelor's program is usually the quickest way to earn a bachelor's degree. Students in these programs can take more credits at once, leading to early graduation — sometimes in 1-2 years. However, most bachelor's programs take about four years, and part-time online programs can take much longer.Jan 20, 2022

Is an online bachelor's degree worth anything?

Although students might worry that their degree will be discounted because it was earned online, for many employers this is not the case. As long as the college awarding the degree was a legitimate one with proper accreditation, the degree is just as valid as one that may have been earned through traditional learning.

Is an online degree a real degree?

The degree is the achievement earned. Online is the format or mode used to receive the education, and therefore, is not part of the actual name of the degree earned.

Can I get a degree in 1 year?

Program Overview If a candidate has not been able to complete his/her graduation and is therefore facing difficulties in getting a job or appraisal in their current job, they can receive their graduation degree by completing their Masters or Bachelor's Degree in just One Year.

Can I get a bachelor's degree in 2 years?

Accredited colleges may offer a 2-year degree completion program. But in order to enroll in a degree completion program, you must already have a pile of college credits under your belt. If you do, then the school will help you finish your degree in 2 years.Jan 9, 2022

Are online doctoral degrees respected?

One of the most frequent questions they ask is: “Are online doctorates credible?” The short answer is yes, they can be credible and that is very good news for busy professionals who want a doctoral degree, but can't accommodate a traditional course of study.

Which online degree is best?

The Best Online Degrees To Get For CareersIndustrial Engineering.Healthcare Administration.Data Science.Cyber Security.Game Design.Project Management.Animation and Graphic Design.Criminal Justice.More items...•Jan 31, 2022

Are degrees from online schools respected?

According to a survey conducted by, 83 percent of executives say that “an online degree is as credible as one earned through a traditional campus-based program.”

Is online college cheaper than in person?

In general, online learning is a more affordable option, as you'll get a high-quality education at a much lower cost due to the lower overhead needed to operate these programs.

Can You Earn a Bachelor's Degree Online?

Yes, you can earn a bachelor's degree completely online. Public and private nonprofit schools started offering virtual courses in the late 1990s,...

How Long Does It Take to Earn an Online Bachelor's Degree?

Online bachelor's degrees are typically designed to take four years of full-time study to complete, though many students take more time to finish...

Will I Be Able to Work While Earning My Online Bachelor's Degree?

Flexibility is one of the main draws of completing your education online. According to a 2019 report on online college students, 51% of undergrad...

Which Accreditation Is Best For Online Degree Programs?

When researching degree programs, consider schools with regional accreditation first. Regional accreditation is considered the most prestigious bec...

Is an Online Bachelor's Degree Legitimate?

Accredited online bachelor's degrees are legitimate. If a recognized agency has certified the quality of a school's online programs, then the crede...

What Is the Easiest Degree to Get Online?

This question can't be answered in absolutes, because each person's strengths, weaknesses, and interests are different — research shows that stud...

Is an Online Bachelor's Degree Worth It?

Study after study has shown the benefits of higher education for employment and earning potential, but you may be wondering specifically whether...

Is It Possible to Get a Bachelor's Degree Online?

Online learners comprise a significant portion of total undergraduate students in the U.S., with 34% taking at least some online courses and 14%...

Can You Get a Bachelor's Degree in Two Years Online?

There are two ways to get a bachelor's degree in just two years online: attending a school with an accelerated option or transferring credits from...

How Much Does an Online Bachelor's Degree Cost?

Of the schools we researched in order to rank the most affordable online bachelor's degrees, the median annual tuition is $11,728 at public schools...

How Can I Get My Bachelor's Degree Online for Free?

You're unlikely to find a program that's completely free, but some colleges do offer competitive merit-based scholarships or need-based grants that...

What Is the Most Affordable Way to Get a Bachelor's Degree?

Online degrees usually cost less than in-person degrees, so review the colleges on our most affordable online bachelor's degrees list for any that...

What Are the Highest Paying Online Degrees?

In general, earning a degree will set you up for a higher paying job. Professionals with bachelor's degrees earn more than those without (a media...

Are Online Bachelor's Degrees Worth It?

Bachelor's degrees lead to higher wages and reduced unemployment over the course of a career, and the stigma around online education is decreasing...

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Online Colleges by State

All 50 states have online degree programs ranked by U.S. News. When choosing the right program, you are not limited by your in-state options. In fact, students might find more affordable online bachelor's degree programs outside of their own state. Consider exploring what programs in other states have to offer.

About an Online Degree

When considering an online college degree, check whether a program is accredited. Schools that offer accredited degree programs must pass certain quality standards set by independent organizations. Accredited online degrees are widely accepted in the academic and corporate worlds.

What is a bachelor's degree?

A bachelor's degree trains graduates for careers in business, education, healthcare, and technology. Many fields require a bachelor's degree for entry-level positions. An online bachelor's degree offers a flexible route to educational and professional advancement.

How much does a bachelor's degree make?

In contrast, professionals with a bachelor's degree earn $1248 per week -- which translates into more than $26,000 more per year.

Why are accredited colleges important?

Accredited colleges make it easier for learners to complete their bachelor's degree online. In addition to greater flexibility and accessibility, online bachelor's programs can also save students money and help professionals advance their career while working.

What is a WCU degree?

WCU's online degrees train graduates for careers in a variety of industries.

How long does it take to complete CSUF?

Students typically complete the 120-credit, cohort-based programs in about three years.

How much is Unigo scholarship?

Applicants must submit an essay that answers the topic question for the scholarship cycle. Only students attending or planning to enroll at accredited schools qualify, including accredited online universities.#N#Amount: $10,000

Is Western Carolina University accredited?

Additional bachelor's programs develop the necessary skills for positions in construction management, criminal justice, emergency management, and engineering technology. Western Carolina University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

What is a B.A. in humanities?

Depending on your choice, you may pursue a bachelor of arts (B.A.) or bachelor of science (B.S.) degree. B.A.s generally interrogate a subject through a humanities lens, asking students to think critically by examining the historical, social, and philosophical context behind a topic.

What is regional accreditation?

Regional accreditation is even more highly sought-after because it allows students to easily transfer credits between institutions accredited by one of the seven regional-accrediting bodies (one accrediting body for two-year colleges and six for four-year colleges in different areas of the country). Individual programs may also earn programmatic accreditation from organizations that specialize in particular subjects. For example, the #6 best affordable school, Western Carolina University, is nationally accredited, regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and programmatically accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education for its online B.S. in nursing (among several other accredited programs).

What jobs require a bachelor's degree?

Here are some jobs that typically require a bachelor’s degree and are expected to grow rapidly in the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 1 Software developers 2 Registered nurses 3 Financial managers 4 Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors 5 Project management specialists 6 Market research analysts and marketing specialists 7 Medical and health service managers

Who is Marco Gillies?

Dr. Marco Gillies is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is an expert on computer graphics, animation and new forms of interaction. He teaches on the BSc Computer Science and MA/MSc Virtual And Augmented Reality.

Does Coursera offer BSc?

Coursera offers online Master’s degrees and BSc Courses in Data Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, MBA, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Public Health. If you are still evaluating a full degree program on Coursera, you might be interested in a MasterTrack Certificate. Computer Science MasterTrack Certificates that are part of degrees allow you to start learning right away, so you can make progress on your own schedule. If you are admitted to the full program, your completed courses count towards your degree learning.

What is a bachelor's degree?

A bachelor’s degree can provide you and your family economic stability and security. 5. A Pathway to Advancement. There are many rewarding and lucrative career paths that require a graduate degree such as a Master’s degree, PhD or MBA. A bachelor’s degree is your first step toward obtaining these more advanced degrees.

Why do people choose online universities?

By choosing an online university program you can potentially save a ton of money. The schedules are usually more flexible so you can keep your current job and lifestyle. Plus, you don't have to move to a new place and assume the additional student housing and living expenses.

What is online nursing?

Online Nursing Degrees. Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet. Each day nurses bring care, comfort and compassion to their patients. If you want a career with job security, room for advancement and a chance to make a real difference in people’s lives, then consider these online nursing degrees.

How much does a high school diploma earn?

Individuals with a high school diploma earn an average of $37,024 annually. Associate degree holders earn an average of $43,472 per year. But those with a bachelor’s degree earn, on average, $60,996 annually. That’s a significant increase over those with just an Associate degree!

Why do college graduates get more jobs?

Here are some of the top reasons: 1. Increased Job Opportunities. According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, college graduates see 57% more job opportunities than non-graduates. The center also estimates that by 2020 two-thirds of all jobs will require a bachelor’s degree.

Do universities offer comparable degrees?

Most universities offer comparable degree programs. When deciding on a pathway, you want to see data for all schools that offer a major in Bachelor’s and the prices they charge for tuition. That way, you can make the best decision and understand the cost of education.

What is a 4 year degree?

Bachelor’s degrees or baccalaureate are often called “4-year” degrees or majors because they typically take that long to complete as a full-time student. This degree is for undergraduate study and is awarded by accredited universities and colleges throughout the United States.

What is an education degree?

A degree in Education prepares people to teach in a variety of ways. Depending on your interests and career goals, you can choose from different kinds of concentrations in education. Think about the age of your future students and a subject that you want to teach because this could impact your career opportunities.

What is a bachelor of general studies?

A Bachelor of General Studies is often confused with the stereotypical “undecided” or “undeclared” major in many American Universities . The concept of General Studies and of multidisciplinary degrees, however, has a long and proud history on the Old Continent.

What is the field of anthropology?

Anthropology. Anthropology is an intellectually exciting field that encompasses the study of history, linguistics, and cultural mores from diverse groups of people. This emphasis on fostering a deeper understanding of each group’s roots creates fertile soil for understanding diversity.

How much does an IT specialist make?

Nowadays, there are many places where you can work as an IT specialist and earn a salary of up to $200,000.

Is ACBSP accredited?

The ACBSP-accredited Bachelor of Science in Accounting at University of Phoenix aligns with American Institution of CPAs (AICPA) and National Association of State Boards of Accountancy standards. Learn accounting software, like Intuit Quickbooks and business principles you can apply in your career.

Is Southern New Hampshire University a nonprofit?

Maximize your transfer credits and complete your bachelor's degree faster with this flexible online bachelor's from Southern New Hampshire University. As a nonprofit, accredited institution, Southern New Hampshire University can help you take your career further.

What is a business degree in Southern New Hampshire?

Our business degree program focuses on developing skilled professionals who can apply proven leadership skills in a variety of roles.

How to get a degree online?

An online degree is usually more convenient than an on-campus degree, but an accelerated program can drastically reduce the cost of your degree—both in tuition and time. There are several main ways schools can cut down on the time it takes to finish your degree. They can: 1 Offer credits for life experiences, such as your employment history or volunteer work 2 Allow you to “test out” of certain classes 3 Let you complete courses at your own pace

Why do colleges have degree completion programs?

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, more than one-third of all college students transfer schools before graduating. To transfer your credits from one school to another, the two schools usually have to be accredited by the same organizations.

How many credits do you need to get a criminal justice degree?

For example, if you’ve trained at a law enforcement academy—a training experience that typically takes six months or less—it’s worth 36 credits towards a criminal justice degree.

How long does it take to get an accelerated degree at Concordia University Chicago?

Their accelerated degree programs can be completed in 16 months, and courses are only five weeks long.

Does Colorado Technical University have a fast track?

In addition to a great selection of online degrees, Colorado Technical University takes a unique approach to prior learning assessments. They offer a Fast Track program that lets you test out of courses and receive credit for it. These exams can save 30% or more on your total degree time.

Does Northeastern University have online courses?

Northeastern University also has three online degree completion programs. Up to 50% of your degree can come from previous college credit. To check out what the online learning experience is like at Northeastern, you can try a course demo. NU also has tips for being a successful online learner.

Is American InterContinental University online?

American InterContinental University’s online campus offers a good selection of bachelor’s degrees, and their generous prior learning credit system can significantly cut down on the time it takes to finish a program.

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