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Top 10 Jobs for Political Science Majors

  1. Policy Analyst. Since political science majors study the process for generating public policy, the role of policy analyst is a natural application of their work as a student.
  2. Legislative Assistant. Senators, assembly members, representatives, and other elected officials at all levels of government hire assistants to help them to carry out their duties.
  3. Public Relations Specialist. Public relations representatives influence public opinion about their clients based largely on placing stories with the media.

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6 Top Jobs for Political Science Majors
  • Legislative Assistant. Legislative assistants carry out duties of senators, representatives, and other elected government officials. ...
  • Policy Analyst. ...
  • Intelligence Analyst. ...
  • Public Relations Specialist. ...
  • Political Consultant. ...
  • Political Campaign Staff.

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What are the best jobs for Political Science?

Sep 16, 2021 · Government and public service. Law. Business and private corporations. Education. Media and communication. These are 17 of the best jobs you can pursue with a political science major. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link. 1. Nonprofit program coordinator. National average salary: $47,200 per year

What careers can you get with a political science degree?

Working in one of these political science jobs, you will generally find yourself employed by the federal government, although research firms and consulting services also employ economists. The median pay is above $108,000 and the top 10% can expect to make over $198,000, making the career one of the best political science major jobs.

What can I do with a political science degree?

Oct 01, 2014 · 10 Job Options for Political Science Majors 1. Policy Analyst . Since political science majors study the process for generating public policy, the role of policy analyst is a natural application of their work as a student.

What is the job outlook for Political Science?

654 government political science jobs available. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New government political science careers are added daily on The low-stress way to find your next government political science job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 654 government political science careers waiting for you to apply!


What can I do with a bachelor's in political science?

Jobs for Political Science GradsLobbyist.Lawyer.Diplomat or foreign service officer.Political scientist.Professor.Business executive.Political consultant.Government official.More items...•Apr 22, 2019

Is a political science degree worthless?

Originally Answered: Is a degree in Political Science worthless? No, not at all. It is true that a degree in pol. sci. is a “generalist degree” and doesn't qualify you for any specific job, however there are numerous jobs for which such a degree might be considered desirable.

How can I make money with a political science degree?

Best jobs for political science majorsMarket research analyst. National average salary: $17.39 per hour. ... Political campaign staff. National average salary: $39,141 per year. ... Legislator. ... Intelligence analyst. ... Political consultant. ... Arbitrator. ... Operations research analyst. ... Public relations specialist.More items...

What is the most regretted major?

5 most regretted college majorsEnglish and foreign language. About 42% of survey respondents who had this major regretted their choice, ZipRecruiter found. ... Biological and physical sciences. ... Education. ... Social sciences and law. ... Communications. ... Computer science/mathematics. ... Business. ... Engineering.More items...

Do you regret majoring in political science?

The English major is closely followed by a fine arts major (51.6 percent) and a political science major (38.2 percent) as the most regretted.Jul 11, 2017

What are the most useless degrees?

20 Most Useless DegreesAdvertising. If you're an advertising major, you may hope to get into digital marketing, e-commerce, or sports marketing. ... Anthropology And Archeology. ... Art history. ... Communications. ... Computer Science. ... Creative Writing. ... Criminal Justice. ... Culinary arts.More items...

Is it better to get a BA or BS in political science?

If you have a aptitude for mathematics or an interest in public administration, political economy, public policy or other career fields that require advanced quantitative skills, the bachelor of science is the way to go.Mar 19, 2021

Do political science majors make a lot money?

Political scientists earned a median annual salary of $122,220 in 2019. The following table provides average annual salaries for a few political science careers at different stages.Oct 6, 2020

Are political science majors in demand?

Job Outlook Employment of political scientists is projected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations. About 700 openings for political scientists are projected each year, on average, over the decade.Feb 15, 2022

How much does a political science degree make?

Due to the challenges of the career, the pay for a lawyer is often excellent. In this career, you can expect a salary around $118,000, while the top 10% will earn over $208,000.

What is political science?

Political science is essentially a study of the theories and practices of government.

What is the importance of communication in political science?

By learning the best techniques for both written and verbal communication, graduates are able to project ideas in a clear and well-thought-out manner, leading to better understanding through all levels of the organization.

How much does a paralegal make?

The median salary for paralegals is $49,500, but the top 10% in these jobs for political science graduates can earn over $80,260. While an associate’s degree is generally all that is required, the career can be enhanced with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

What are the jobs for a political science major?

10 Job Options for Political Science Majors. 1. Policy Analyst. Since political science majors study the process for generating public policy, the role of policy analyst is a natural application of their work as a student. Policy analysts rely on strong critical thinking, writing, and research skills as they formulate statements about ...

What do political science majors study?

Political science majors study how laws are made and the comparative structures of governments across the world. They learn how public policy is formulated and the impact of policy on the social and economic status of the populace.

Why is critical thinking important in political science?

Critical thinking is vital to evaluating the platforms of political parties and the impact of leadership changes. During their studies, political science majors learn how power is acquired, how campaigns are waged, and how public opinion can be influenced.

How does public relations influence public opinion?

Public relations representatives influence public opinion about their clients based largely on placing stories with the media. Political science majors develop the writing skills needed to draft compelling press releases and the persuasive skills to assert the benefits of covering a particular story. They also learn how opinions are formed, and the role of the media, as they research current events during their studies.

Who is Alison Doyle?

Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers , and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. If you are intrigued by current events, want to shape public policy, and feel called to service, political science is worth considering as a major.

What do social media managers need to know?

Social media managers must understand various social media platforms and orchestrate campaigns to shape the perceptions of their users. Political science majors know how opinions are formed and influenced by various media and can be instrumental in formulating and implementing these plans.

What is market research?

Market researchers analyze how consumers will respond to products or services, much like political science students assess the reactions of potential voters to candidates. Political science majors study the role of survey research and opinion polling in campaigning. The work of market researchers often involves surveying consumer reactions to potential or current products and services.

1. Lobbyist

Lobbyists advocate on the behalf of special interest groups by communicating and influencing policy-makers. Being able to understand policy and communicate with both lawmakers and their clients is vital for a successful lobbyist, which is why a degree in political science is crucial.

2. Journalist

Most journalists who cover local or national politics have some sort of background in political science. With a political science degree, a journalist can better analyze legislation affecting their communities and speak with more authority as they hold lawmakers accountable.

3. Politician

Making laws and levying taxes on a local, regional or national level is generally the job of a politician. Lawmakers must balance the interests of their constituents, donors and special interest groups in order to enact effective policy and stay elected.

4. Lawyer

Many lawyers study political science prior to law school as an introduction to the US legal system. Legal professionals who focus on how legislation is enforced on a regional and community level will find a political science degree especially useful.

6. Legislative assistant

Lawmakers depend on legislative assistants on helping them make educated decisions. Legislative assistants use their knowledge of public policy and political science as they read proposed legislation and write up briefs that articulate a policy-maker’s official position.

7. Political campaign worker

Whether you’re running a political campaign or doing door-to-door, a political science degree is crucial for anybody involved in advocating for an elected official. Political campaign staff need to understand how voters perceive their candidate and what they can do to improve their candidate’s image.

8. Teacher

Educating the next generation on how government works is vital to a healthy democracy. An educated public will vote in lawmakers that are more likely to advocate for their well-being. As a government teacher or political science professor, you’ll play an important role in fostering civic responsibility among young people.

What is a public relations specialist?

Description: Public relations specialists are responsible for getting media attention for their clients by writing press releases, holding press conferences, hosting events and more. With a political science major, you might work for a government agency, legislator or lobby group in this capacity.

What does a government affairs director do?

Description: As a government affairs director, you would help companies understand and adapt to regulations and government initiatives, as well as lobby government about new or proposed laws. Your understanding of government’s inner-workings would be key here.

What is legislative assistant?

Description: Legislative assistants work with elected officials (think: senators, assembly members and representatives at all levels of government) to help those legislators perform their jobs to the best of their ability. You might communicate with constituents, research issues, survey residents or officials and prepare briefings, along with myriad other duties.

What is a policy analyst?

Description: A policy analyst researches policy initiatives, then presents arguments for and against those initiatives based on that research and critical thinking. And their arguments about policy initiatives could help others advance or thwart those initiatives.

What is a program coordinator?

As a program coordinator, you would work with staff — and within budgets — to ensure the success and implementation of specific programs.

What is a research analyst?

Description: As a research analyst, you would examine data and generate conclusions — and, by working in the public sector, you could apply your knowledge of government and politics to help various businesses advance their goals through your research and analysis.

What is a political science degree?

Students who opt for B.A Political Science (Hons) in their Undergraduate degree programme are taught about the functioning of Government and Politics. The programme not only imparts knowledge but also inspires analytical capabilities, research aptitude, reasoning ability and critical thinking skills in the students. B. A Political Science is a 3-year undergraduate programme and almost all the top Arts and Humanities Universities offers this course. After obtaining the degree, the students have several career options to choose from in both the Government and private sectors. A few graduates go on to obtain their Master’s degree followed by Doctorate as well.

How long is political science?

A Political Science is a 3-year undergraduate programme and almost all the top Arts and Humanities Universities offers this course. After obtaining the degree, the students have several career options to choose from in both the Government and private sectors.

1. Social media intern

Primary duties: A social media intern helps to run the social media accounts for individual clients and organizations.

2. Legislative assistant

Primary duties: A legislative assistant helps legislators when they create the documentation for new laws. Legislative assistants can review and edit written legislation and memos to ensure they're accurate, perform research on legal topics to learn more about the need for new laws, and create drafts for legislative resolutions and memorials.

3. Junior research analyst

Primary duties: A junior research analyst helps conduct research on an organization's operations in order to find ways to improve its performance.

4. Staff assistant

Primary duties: A staff assistant supports a team by performing administrative and other types of tasks that a supervisor assigns to them. Staff assistants can have duties like organizing client schedules, retrieving data and files from databases or archives and answering questions from the public or other staff members.

5. Public Relations Assistant

Primary duties: A public relations assistant helps other public relations professionals to create and maintain the public image of individual clients and organizations.

6. Political consultant

Primary duties: A political consultant works on political campaigns to contribute to the public image and success of political candidates.

7. Paralegal

Primary duties: A paralegal is a law professional who helps lawyers prepare cases for trial. Paralegals can have many responsibilities, such as writing drafts of legal documents that lawyers ask for, conducting research on active cases by examining evidence and files and gathering evidence for cases, like affidavits and statements from witnesses.

How much do political science professors make?

At this level, political science professors make around $79,500 per year. The salary range for government officials has a large range.

What is political science?

Political science is a broad term used to refer to the study of government at the local, state, and federal level. Political science is never focused on one particular type of institution, but will cover topics to provide a broader understanding of politics.

How long does it take to get a political science degree?

Accelerated options could be offered, but standard political science bachelor degrees take an average of four years to complete when attending full-time. For part-time students, a bachelor degree program could take longer, up to six years if five classes or less are completed each year.

What is a public relations degree?

Public Relations Specialist -With a bachelor degree in political science, graduates could work as a public relations specialist for government officials, businesses, and celebrities. The specialist looks for ways to improve public image and bury negative press.

How much do public relations managers make?

Public relations managers earn an even higher wage with an average of more than $77,000 per year. A salary for political science degree graduates who choose a career in consultancy can also be enticing. Consultants, including campaign managers, make an average of $73,000 annually.

Is political science online?

A political science online certificate is available to both job seekers and those who are currently employed. Political science certifications add more skills to a resume and may also be a requirement of employers. A political science certificate online is a convenient option for those who are already enrolled in classes or working. Some organizations offer low-cost or free certifications for political science majors. Although not all of these certifications are required by employer, the proceeding are the most widespread in the field.

What is a campaign manager?

A campaign manager is a type of consultant that organizes the marketing for a government candidate. Government Official -Those who wish to run for any type of public office will usually have a background as a political science major. Some government positions require the person to be elected through public voting.

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