government jobs for sociology majors

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What are government jobs for sociology majors?

  • 1. Policy analysts. The government needs policy analysts who will ensure operations run effectively. Policy analysts research, analyze data and use ...
  • 2. Correctional program specialist.
  • 3. Child and youth specialist.
  • 4. Training officer.
  • 5. Urban planner.

Five Government Sector Sociology Jobs
  • Child and Youth Specialist.
  • Correctional Program Specialist.
  • Senior Advisor.
  • Foreign Affairs Officer.
  • Training Officer.
Dec 24, 2021

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What are the best jobs for sociology majors?

Jan 15, 2022 · The highest earners getting $90,000, which makes this one of the best government jobs for sociology majors. 3. Child and youth specialist. The government needs child and youth specialists to work at military bases. The military bases have homes, schools, and recreational facilities which need family support services.

Can I work in the government with a sociology degree?

29 Jobs for People With a Sociology Degree | Posted: (9 days ago) Dec 08, 2021 · Some of the industries with top-paying salaries for sociologists include: Local government (does not include hospitals and schools) Scientific services for research and development State government (does not include schools and hospitals) Consulting firms for technical, …

What government jobs are available in social work?

Browse 397 GOVERNMENT SOCIOLOGY Jobs ($36K-$116K) hiring now from companies with openings. Find your next job near you & 1-Click Apply!

What jobs require sociology?

Dec 08, 2021 · A sociology degree prepares the way for careers in business and industry, education, government, research and more. The following is a sampling of careers in a few of the categories. In business and industry, career opportunities are available as: Bank representative. Human resources manager.


Can sociologists work for the government?

Government services Public sector (governmental) jobs are available at the federal, state, and local level. Government work often includes data analysis so sociology coursework in statistics and research methods is an asset.Jan 16, 2017

What kind of jobs can you get with a major in sociology?

Job Titles for Sociology Majors and MinorsBanker.Business analyst.Consumer relations specialist.Human resources manager.Market analyst.Merchandiser/purchaser.Project manager.Quality control manager.More items...

Which job is best for sociology?

Best Jobs for Graduates With a Sociology DegreeLawyer.Management Consultant.Market Research Analyst.Media Planner.Policy Analyst.Public Relations (PR) Specialist.Social Worker.Survey Researcher/Pollster.More items...•Mar 15, 2021

Does the FBI hire sociology majors?

With the right application, almost any serious degree can be useful to someone interested in becoming an FBI agent. The study of human behavior and the mind can be pursued through Psychology, Sociology, or Law degrees, and utilized in investigations, court cases, and more.

Is sociology a useless degree?

Yes, sociology is a good major for many undergraduate students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 5% job growth in life, physical, and social science occupations over the next 10 years.Nov 23, 2021

What is the highest paying job with a sociology degree?

8 Highest Paying Sociology Degree JobsHuman Resources Manager.Market Research Analyst.Public Relations Specialist.Social and Community Service Manager.Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists.Social Worker.Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselor.

Is it hard to get a job with a sociology degree?

Sociology is a competitive field to enter, and advanced degrees and experience can put you a step ahead of others vying for the same positions. This is important, as jobs in the field of sociology are limited, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Dec 8, 2021

How do you make money with a sociology degree?

Earning a sociology degree prepares an individual to perform research on human relationships and engage with people effectively....16 high-paying sociology degree jobsDigital marketing manager. ... Consultant. ... Sales representative. ... Urban planner. ... Data analyst. ... District manager. ... Human resources manager. ... Lawyer.More items...•Oct 21, 2021

Can I do MBA after BA sociology?

hi jayant yes you can pursue MBA after honours in sociology. but complet your honours with min. 50% mark. to geting admission in top bschool you need appear varieous enterance exam like CAT , MAT , CMAT, NMAT, SNAP, IBSAT, etc.Mar 24, 2014

What degrees does the CIA look for?

The CIA requires a bachelor's degree for most entry-level positions and an advanced degree for non-clerical careers such as overseas officer or intelligence analyst.

Is sociology a good major for law enforcement?

While psychology and sociology are great options for a degree, many of those working in law enforcement will probably find pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Criminology might be a more appropriate choice. Criminology focuses on the conceptual and theoretical reasoning in order to explain criminal behavior.May 4, 2018

What majors does the FBI look for?

Criminal Justice. When it comes to those working at the FBI, the most common degree is a bachelor's in criminal justice. ... Computer Science. ... Cybersecurity. ... Finance. ... Forensic Accounting. ... International Studies. ... Public Safety Administration. ... Psychology.More items...

Can I work in the government with a sociology degree?

Work in the government with a sociology degree not only exists but is meaningful and makes a difference in our nation. Opportunities to use your tr...

What jobs can you get with a Bachelor in sociology?

What Can You do with a Degree in SociologySocial and Community Services. Community agencies value employees with backgrounds in fields like sociolo...

What careers require a social science degree?

What Careers Require a Social Science Degree?Psychology Careers in Social Science. Psychologists study human behavior through various forms of rese...

What are the career opportunities in sociology?

List of Careers in SociologyBusiness. Sociology majors often make strong customer service representatives and public relations specialists because...

Details About Government Jobs With Sociology Degree

CareHealthJobsare is a site that helps you explore government jobs with sociology degree positions based on your qualification and personality. Our site includes 204 of government jobs with sociology degree and so on. Just take advantage of#N#it and find your own path.#N#View more

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Surrounding Issue of Government Jobs With Sociology Degree

Job opportunities for sociology majors include administration, journalism, politics, counseling, and youth services. Many sociology majors graduate from college and go into the field of public and government services.

SO141 Introduction to Sociology

A background check and government security clearance will be required to get on base. Click on Park ... Minimum Qualifications Master's in Sociology or 18 graduate credits in courses specifically ...

Community Engagement Specialist

Bachelor's degree in Planning, Communications, Public Relations, Public Policy/Administration, Government, Sociology, Social Work, or a directly related field AND four (4) years increasingly ...

Faculty Tutor III (Psychology, Sociology, Government, Economics, Developmental classes, History, ..

SUMMARYResponsible for directly tutoring individuals by asking and answering questions and demonstrating examples relating to the subject.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following

Sociology Adjunct Instructor - White County High School

Sociology Adjunct Instructor Part Time White County High School North Georgia Technical College ... the federal government including any Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I ...


The formal education equivalent of a bachelors degree in psychology, sociology or a related field ... government programs. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy. The ...

Caseworker I - On Call - Children and Youth

A bachelor's degree which includes or is supplemented by successful completion of 12 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology, criminal justice, or other related social ...

Correctional Treatment Specialist (Special Population Program..

Courses, such as sociology, correctional administration, criminal justice, government /political science, psychology, social work, counseling, and other related social or behavioral science courses ...

What are the jobs of sociologists?

Sociologists often take jobs as analysts and researchers in public health organizations that exist at local, city, county, state and federal levels. Some of the most recognized organizations include state departments of health, county health inspection programs, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What do sociologists study?

Sociologists who study the education system will know how to analyze data that is used to improve programs, aid in policy-making decisions and train teachers and counselors. They leverage their expertise in social groups and interactions to improve student experiences and educational systems.

What is the job of sociology?

In this type of job, sociologists determine where inconsistencies exist and what consequences may occur, along with examining and understanding actions people took, thought processes they used and the viability of research results. In simpler terms, you must be able to absorb the information, connect all the parts and steps involved, determine their relevance and draw conclusions regarding society.

What is sociology degree?

A sociology degree prepares the way for careers in business and industry, education, government, research and more. The following is a sampling of careers in a few of the categories. In business and industry, career opportunities are available as: The education career path includes:

What is sociology in psychology?

A sociologist looks at and examines social behavior and social influence in cultures, institutions and groups to determine how society, overall, is impacted. A sociologist has the opportunity for an interesting career that will allow you to explore relationships and society. Whether you have just graduated, you are still in school, ...

Is sociology a major?

Sociology as a major provides entry points into the profession at various degrees. For example, at a minimum, graduates with an associate degree may be relegated to entry-level positions. An entry-level position is beneficial in providing valuable experience.

What is a bachelor's degree in sociology?

If you choose to get a bachelor’s degree, it is a step up for employers interested in hiring a sociology professional, as the process prepares students with skills and experience they need for many careers. A bachelor’s degree also sends the message to potential employers that you are dedicated to the field and have put in ...

Why is hands-on experience important?

The hands-on experience is an asset you can market to companies when applying for a job.

What skills do sociologists need?

This job requires effective speaking skills. In your job, you will converse with individuals and groups. You will need to be able to conduct interviews and meetings and be comfortable with public speaking. In a professional environment, presenting thoughts and ideas clearly to colleagues and clients is an essential skill and part of the job responsibilities for sociologists.

What degree do sociologists get?

While some sociology majors may go on to become sociologists or otherwise earn a master’s, doctorate, or law degree (as former first lady Michelle Obama did ), what students learn as undergraduates in this field is already relevant to so many jobs and industries, from business to healthcare to education.

How much do social workers make?

Salary range: $35,000–$70,000. Social workers help people cope with and navigate the logistics of a broad range of issues in their everyday lives, including housing, unemployment, mental health, substance abuse, domestic conflict, and child welfare.

How to become a nonprofit?

You can seek out: 1 Internships: Completing different internships allows you to explore areas that pique your interest to help you decide what to pursue, Lucas says. In her case, she wanted to explore the nonprofit world: “I really liked it, so I went on to work in nonprofit administration.” 2 Experiential learning courses: These types of courses take you outside the classroom to work on a project with community organizations, which gives opportunity to see the practical applications of what you’re learning, Lucas says. “It’s one thing to learn it and another thing to actually experience it in the community,” she says. “It makes it come to life.” 3 Research: Working on a professor’s or a grad student’s research project—or conducting your own research with the guidance of a faculty member—provides hands-on research experience and looks great on a resume, Casanova says.

What is the job of a trainer?

In practice, the job often involves administering surveys and conducting interviews with employees or managers to assess training needs as well as facilitating various types of training sessions, which could be in the form of group discussions, team exercises, or self-guided videos.

What is HR role?

In an HR role, you could be answering employee questions about topics like benefits, payroll, and company policy; helping with new hire onboarding; planning training sessions and team-building activities; maintaining employment records and processing paperwork; scheduling candidate interviews; and more.

How much does a community health worker make?

Salary range: $30,000–$51,000. Community health worker, or CHW, is an umbrella term that describes a variety of frontline professionals who act as liaisons between health organizations—including hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies—and the general public.

What is the job of a paralegal?

Paralegals can specialize in a particular area of the law, such as corporate, criminal, bankruptcy, immigration, family, or real estate law.


General Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences Series 0401*


General Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences Series 0401*

Recruiter - Entry

Entry is with a Bachelor's degree plus 3 years of relevant experience, or a Master's degree plus 1 year of experience, or a Doctoral degree and no experience.

Compensation Analyst

Entry is with a Bachelor's degree plus 3 years of relevant experience, or a Master's degree plus 1 year of relevant experience or a Doctoral degree and no…

Presentence Re-entry Coordinator- Denver Sheriff Department

Education & Experience Requirement: One (1) year of the appropriate type and level of experience may be substituted for each required year of post high school…

Neuropsychology Testing Technician

Will also assist with data entry, telephone interviews, and ongoing quality control.

Entry Level Behavioral Therapist-Paid Remote Training

An Associated degree, or college coursework equivalent (or in progress), or a Bachelor's Degree in Social Services or related field (Sociology, Psychology,…


Requires a bachelor's degree in psychology, sociology/anthropology, social welfare, or a closely related field.

Correctional Casework Manager

Possession of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required.

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